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"I am totally convinced that the world of social media is not consolidating around one "winner takes all" social platform. Instead, the world of social media is fragmenting into dozens of social platforms that are best of breed for a certain kind of social engagement." Fred Wilson

Tech-driven Ethics

The self-driving car by Google monitors not only its own performance, but yours too and not only while you’re driving

It appears as though many of Google’s products will be developing this capacity. Software can in many ways outperform humans when it comes to tasks like driving and data searching because, by processing large amounts of data, it can more efficiently monitor complex interactions. 

The ability to digest big data enables technology to produce sensory rich participatory exchanges amidst the everyday complexities of life. With the introduction of personalized online environments, we can now manipulate technology by simply being - just by existing we project huge amounts of data.

As software continues to collect, interpret, and adapt to humanity, we will increasingly see it mirror our varying ethics systems. The web’s expression of ethics in everyday devices such as Twitter puts things like foreign policy on what is now truly the world wide stage. 

I believe technology will coevolve with our philosophical beliefs, or rather, of those who mold it. Perhaps eventually all of humanity will have one ethical mold. I’m not predicting one culture, but one agreed upon system of ethics that provides room for many cultures. If it happens, it won’t come from US, it will come from IT

"It turns out that the way HIV mutates over time can be likened to an email spammer trying to defeat a sophisticated spam filter, in that the virus is always looking for new ways to defeat the human immune system; Microsoft, then, was able to re-purpose techniques and algorithms it has developed over the years for fighting spam to seek out those mutations efficiently and accurately." Microsoft Research applying spam-fighting techniques to attack HIV